Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Burning Pain

I’ve had a 59 year old client recently, who has a number of chronic health conditions that she’s had for years.  She has tried many different modalities and some have given her a modicum of relief, others no relief at all.  One of her main issues is muscle weakness and pain.  Her muscles are so weak that she finds if she ‘forces’ herself to lift a full glass of water, later her whole arm can experience muscle pain.  Consequently, she tells me that at times she can’t even open the fridge door.

She has been coming to see me now for a few Neuro-Training sessions and each time reports a small but positive change for the better.  I find I have to go very slowly indeed, as her tolerance level is very low, even though the sessions themselves are very gentle and not arduous at all.  To begin with she was very concerned that I wouldn’t be able to even use her arm for long without causing her distress the following day.  This proved not to be a concern and she has tolerated the gentle movements we do in Kinesiology easily. 

As usual, at the next session, I asked if she had noticed any changes or not. Her response was “very good for two weeks. I improved fantastically, I was really happy, positive and walking around more than usual” - she was excited to experience these things.  There was a large ‘but’ looming and she said “then everything went bad after that”. When questioned what might have happened at that time, she told me she had had another, different type of treatment (involving some form of electrical energy that goes through the body).  According to her it reversed all the good progress and she was left with excruciating burning pain in her left hand that kept her awake at nights.

Neuro-Training involves many modalities depending on the client’s requirements at the time, one of which can be working with meridians (energy).  One particular process during her session, required to improve the flow of energy between two meridians (one location in the hand and the other on the foot) on both sides of the body.  This was only a small part of the whole treatment.  She told me afterwards that immediately following the meridian work, the burning pain in her left hand disappeared.  She had noticed it go, but didn’t say anything at the time in case it ‘didn’t last’ or was just her imagination.  It did last and has not come back again since.  We were both so pleased at this complete eradication of her pain.

She has since decided that she will not be going back to that particular type of treatment again as she is now getting more progress with NTK than she has with any other type of treatment so far.  She still has a way to go, but with NTK you can find that a particular session will make a sudden and positive change that has a domino effect on many other worrying symptoms that (over time), just disappear.  (For instance, defusing anxiety and the client finds a sudden increase in energy - more on that in another blog!)  So I believe she will be turning a corner soon and will be on the up-slope to better health, strength and energy.

For now, if you are silently suffering with any form of pain, mental, emotional, physical or spiritual, then NTK may be able to help you.  Check out our website on Brilliant Living Solutions and give us a call - right NOW!

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