Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Thinking Clearly - when you need it the most

A young woman of 15 years who had a major problem with anxiety!  She is a pianist having performed in front of audiences since a very early age.  However, she always hated performing and suffered major anxiety attacks before every single performance.

This anxiety was also a big problem for any type of ‘performance’ and was becoming a serious issue with her attending interviews while looking for work.  Her mother told me that the night before a recent interview she was in tears, was having trouble breathing properly, and was a complete mess and unable to think straight

This by the way, is a fine example of the Flight/Fight response, where under stress the brain basically shuts down three quarters of its functions (the whole of the right hemisphere and the front of the left hemisphere of the brain), in order to pump blood to the extremities in preparation for confronting/fighting or for running away.  This is a normal common stress response and in today’s society is becoming a daily occurrence so that unfortunately it then affects people’s abilities to think clearly, make decisions, and learn anything new, it affects your memory and interferes in carrying out even simple tasks.  It has become such a daily occurrence that people often no longer recognize it as an issue.

To get back to the interview, she couldn’t think straight, couldn’t answer questions properly and felt like she had failed miserably.  Two weeks later she had another interview, but between these times I treated her for anxiety / panic and she went home, expressing that the treatment seemed a bit strange, but ok.

Her mum told the story that that evening she and her other daughter went into her bedroom to offer advice and encouragement in order to help her over the tears and anxiety.  She was quite calm and told them both clearly that she didn’t need any help as she wasn’t anxious in the least – as if she didn’t know what all the fuss was about.  She performed extremely well during the interview meeting and answering all the questions with clarity and confidence.  Her mum thinks that her daughter actually didn’t realize just how different she was from one interview to the next.

The success of Neuro-Training is that the person often doesn’t realize that some behaviours ‘just change’ and the pain, anguish, negativity, lack of confidence, whatever it is, seems to just disappear. The change is easy and comfortable and IMMEDIATE, although awareness of those changes may not become apparent to the individual until after a situation has occurred that they now respond differently too; or when they are questioned; or until they think it through.  Good stuff eh?

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Anxiety (and Phobias)?

It’s a strange word but unfortunately the symptoms are just plain unpleasant.
·      Racing heart and sometimes palpitations
·      Feeling short of breath or rapid breathing
·      Difficulty facing crowds/going out in public/or a specific phobia (fear of germs?)
·      Worrying for no particular reason
·      Difficulty falling asleep or waking in the middle of the night worrying
·      Dry mouth
·      Sharp chest pains that come and go
·      Numbness or tingling around the mouth or fingertips, etc

A client who suffered many symptoms of anxiety (some not listed here), dreaded going on any longish trip, whether it was to visit friends in another state, or a holiday.  These things are all positive and happy events... right?  They should be, but for her were saturated by anxiety and stress.

She knew that leading up to the actual trip she’d suffer anxiety and did not enjoy the actual trip either, whether it was flying, coach or train.  On arrival, she knew she’d then experience 3-4 days of stomach upsets of the worst kind that totally interfered with those days, spending much of the time in and out of toilets!!  Then she’d have to travel back and go through exactly the same symptoms again on arrival home.

Since having a session with Neuro-Training and Kinesiology (read about this on the website), she no longer suffers this at all. AT ALL! She now has her life back and can look forward to travel, visiting and holidays with total enjoyment of the whole experiences as they should be.

An added bonus is that this particular client used to suffer bad dreams several times a week and approximately monthly nightmares for as long as she can remember (since a very young child).  These have also disappeared and from what she explained about these, they were particularly nasty and unbelievably frightening.

You no longer have to suffer from this debilitating situation or condition – you certainly can avoid the use of drugs to manage it!  You get your life back (how many times have clients said just that)!

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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Bully.... or Bullied?

Abuse by any other name...

I’ve always hated the thought of bullying, still do, but after an interesting conversation with a recent client it made me think.  I’ve been on the receiving end of mental and emotional abuse, which in some ways is more difficult to deal with than physical abuse.  Why? Because often it is SO well hidden from view and the person doing that type of abuse is extremely clever at camouflage.  They often present as really friendly, jovial ‘nice to know’ people and everyone NOT on the receiving end thinks they are just charming and often seemingly generous.

A seemingly innocent compliment often contains an insult or a cutting remark, with the compliment hiding the real impact of the barb.  You are so aware of the flattery they get away with the well hidden insult.  Before long the barbs are far more prevalent and still sounding faintly like a compliment that you feel petty pointing it out.  Too late!  You are now hooked and accepting what will soon develop into full emotional and mental control that is very hard to come back from.  After all, you’ve never said anything before, so why start complaining now?  It is truly insidious it is so subtle.  Their control over your developing feelings of being in the wrong all the time is exactly where they want you to be.

You end up feeling very confused, beaten down, guilty and full of despair and you’re really not sure how this came about.  There seems no way out of the situation.  Even to think of trying to explain what is happening to anyone seems impossible, because after all, how do you describe it?  You know it will just sound like sour grapes on your part, also you realise you really should be able to manage this yourself, it seems almost silly. Bullies are extremely masterful at finding your vulnerabilities or your pride in something you care about.  They manage to make you feel inadequate, incompetent, weak, unworthy, unimportant and pathetic.

I’ve come to realise though, just why these people are so very masterful and brilliant in their abilities to do this to others.  It’s because they UNDERSTAND what those feelings are all about!  In order not to feel them themselves, they pull others down that are close to them, step on them and squash them in order to make them feel bigger and stronger and more important.  In other words, THEY are the ones that need sympathy and understanding.  They are the ones who are inadequate and have extremely low self-esteem – not you. 

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to help them to see this, as their self-defence is SO strong they believe fully what they have created for themselves.  After all, anything you believe, is true!  So the saying goes.  They believe they are fine thank you very much and nothing is wrong with them.  Deep, deep inside though they are scared to death that they will be found out, so they lash out to those who are close in order to hide what is really going on inside.  They deserve pity really, as they will probably never (be able to) change. Whereas the bullied can and often do find help to overcome their abuse and rediscover their own strengths again.  I did, and so do countless others.

So pity the bullies as they are stuck in the cages of their own making and believe strongly that everything is just fine in their world.  Move on, grow your life and live it.  Surround yourself with beautiful souls who care about you.

If you need help to recuperate from any forms of abuse, to enable you to better grow into your future and leave the old scars behind, then Neuro-Training can and does help enormously, easily and quickly without having to revisit old and often painful memories.  Go to Brilliant Living to find out more, or contact us direct.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Burning Pain

I’ve had a 59 year old client recently, who has a number of chronic health conditions that she’s had for years.  She has tried many different modalities and some have given her a modicum of relief, others no relief at all.  One of her main issues is muscle weakness and pain.  Her muscles are so weak that she finds if she ‘forces’ herself to lift a full glass of water, later her whole arm can experience muscle pain.  Consequently, she tells me that at times she can’t even open the fridge door.

She has been coming to see me now for a few Neuro-Training sessions and each time reports a small but positive change for the better.  I find I have to go very slowly indeed, as her tolerance level is very low, even though the sessions themselves are very gentle and not arduous at all.  To begin with she was very concerned that I wouldn’t be able to even use her arm for long without causing her distress the following day.  This proved not to be a concern and she has tolerated the gentle movements we do in Kinesiology easily. 

As usual, at the next session, I asked if she had noticed any changes or not. Her response was “very good for two weeks. I improved fantastically, I was really happy, positive and walking around more than usual” - she was excited to experience these things.  There was a large ‘but’ looming and she said “then everything went bad after that”. When questioned what might have happened at that time, she told me she had had another, different type of treatment (involving some form of electrical energy that goes through the body).  According to her it reversed all the good progress and she was left with excruciating burning pain in her left hand that kept her awake at nights.

Neuro-Training involves many modalities depending on the client’s requirements at the time, one of which can be working with meridians (energy).  One particular process during her session, required to improve the flow of energy between two meridians (one location in the hand and the other on the foot) on both sides of the body.  This was only a small part of the whole treatment.  She told me afterwards that immediately following the meridian work, the burning pain in her left hand disappeared.  She had noticed it go, but didn’t say anything at the time in case it ‘didn’t last’ or was just her imagination.  It did last and has not come back again since.  We were both so pleased at this complete eradication of her pain.

She has since decided that she will not be going back to that particular type of treatment again as she is now getting more progress with NTK than she has with any other type of treatment so far.  She still has a way to go, but with NTK you can find that a particular session will make a sudden and positive change that has a domino effect on many other worrying symptoms that (over time), just disappear.  (For instance, defusing anxiety and the client finds a sudden increase in energy - more on that in another blog!)  So I believe she will be turning a corner soon and will be on the up-slope to better health, strength and energy.

For now, if you are silently suffering with any form of pain, mental, emotional, physical or spiritual, then NTK may be able to help you.  Check out our website on Brilliant Living Solutions and give us a call - right NOW!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Energy and Vitality

A woman, aged 46, married with one child came to me initially with general anxiety, realizing that she worried about all sorts of things and mentioned she had suffered a lot of sadness around a specific event as a child (note that she did not need to explain what this event actually was – in other words, she did NOT need to revisit this in order to achieve changes).

Previously she had also experienced CFS due to adrenal fatigue, plus she had suffered several miscarriages.  It was during her first session for defusing her anxiety, that she mentioned her fear of flying and lack of energy. 

As her demanding job required her to fly regularly to various states and sometimes overseas, she realized that she expended an enormous amount of energy on (as she put it) “her irrational fears”.  She was greatly concerned with issues about her preparedness, her organisation skills and almost a panic about her ability to do the job required of her. This in turn affected her sleep and prior to a flight suffered often with insomnia, or if she did sleep it was not deep and refreshing as it should be. So arriving tired to the bone and knowing she still needed to work effectively in front of her audience.

After only one session, where it was her fear of flying that checked out to become a priority - which is established by the use of Kinesiology (muscle testing for monitoring the subconscious neurological responses of the body).  This then, became the focus of the session!

She was required to fly within a couple of days of this session and has since flown many more times – each time she has found she no longer experiences the anxiety or fear around flying, so it was a permanent change for her and still proves to be so.  In addition she discovered much to her amazement that she suddenly had an abundance of energy and started not only sleeping really well, but performing at her work so much better than she could have imagined prior to her session.

I have seen similar results with quite a few clients now who had either a fear of flying OR anxiety.  What makes perfect sense to me, is their recovery of unbelievable energy that they previously didn’t realize they were lacking, being used to living without.  Easily explained - an individual who suffers with anxiety or inexplicable fears, are so busy SUPPRESSING those anxieties and fears just to get by, they use up enormous amounts of energy in the process. Finding and diffusing the root of those fears, releases energy that the body and mind can now use more appropriately in support of life and living.

Indeed, her words to me when she came back to see me a few weeks later = “Wow, Wow and Wow!  I can’t believe how amazing this has been.  I have no anxiety and SO much energy it’s unbelievable!  I have my life back – it’s amazing, it truly is”.  She had a lot more to say, as you can imagine, as she found all her great organisation skills and therefore her preparedness were able to come to the fore again, not to mention no more lack of sleep.

So if you suffer from low energy or low vitality the cause can be found using Kinesiology.  It doesn’t have to be a fear of flying OR any form of anxiety, it may be that some other part of your metabolism is not functioning as it should.  Kinesiology with Neuro-Training will seek and find the CAUSE behind this and make the changes needed. You DO NOT have to put up with this, or use drugs to cope with it anymore.  You can change this and sometimes with only a few sessions – a simple method, painless and often permanent.  You have nothing to lose and a whole LIFE to gain!

It's easy, comfortable and only an hour or two of your time to gain unimaginable results.  You simply won't believe how effective it is. Contact us without delay at Brilliant Living Solutions to change your life around.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Family Relationships

A woman in her late 50s mentioned she was dreading the upcoming Father’s day family occasion and when curiosity led me to question why, this was her response:

She has always had difficulty with her family as being the only girl (two brothers); her siblings viewed her as the favourite and seem to resent her, with the younger one apparently complaining to his partners who consequently have always been unpleasant towards her.  However, her mother is the one who makes her feel ‘never good enough’, makes nasty comments and compares herself to her all the time in a very negative way.  Her father is cold and has never shown love or empathy.

She viewed her family as dysfunctional, fake and plain hard work!  After any family get together she would agonize over everything that was said; not said; implied or inferred.  So much so, that the night after the family get together, she wouldn’t be able to sleep and would continue to worry and then go over and over analyzing things for up to three or four days afterwards.  This led to anxiety with other social functions in general for her. It drove her husband crazy.  He tried very hard to be supportive, but really found it difficult to fully understand the situation and what she needed from him. 

She desperately wanted to “cut off from the things her mother said to her”; to have more confidence in herself in social situations; and basically was worried she would end up like her mum as her grandmother was the same (as her mum).

I was confident that a Neuro-Training Kinesiology session would be helpful to her and suggested that we do this before Father’s Day if possible.  This way she could experience the results and she would have nothing to lose and possibly everything to gain – her sanity for one thing J

So I treated her on the Saturday morning prior to Father’s Day and then didn’t see her for several weeks afterwards.  When she came back to our clinic I asked her how Father’s Day went.  She was completely enthused.  She actually enjoyed herself and did not spend the night awake and agonizing over every detail and also didn’t feel a need to analyse all the relationship issues between the siblings and her, or her parents and her, etc.  She was absolutely thrilled and furthermore told me that she had since voluntarily phoned her mum for a catch up phone call, without procrastinating over doing that as she had done in the past – this too she surprisingly found she enjoyed.  I highlighted that her parents and her siblings have not changed!  What has changed is her perception of what is occurring and her ability to deal with everything far more effectively, without the stress previously experienced.

Her husband is more than thrilled as she no longer worries about every little detail after an event and is impressed that they are no longer causing her stress.

I’ve since questioned her if this response is still ‘holding’ as this initial session was back in September 2015 and... yes it is!  She is still thrilled that she manages family gatherings so well and continues to phone her mum in between, without any procrastination or undue concern in doing so.

If YOU have family issues that are proving difficult to deal with – well NTK won’t change your family, but diffusing the mental/emotional issues CAN help you deal with things far more effectively and you can enjoy your family again, ESPECIALLY if you are in a situation where you have to work alongside a parent or sibling that is proving difficult.  
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Grief and Loss

A woman in her late 20s had originally come to me as she had an acute fear of flying and had experienced severe bad dreams and nightmares for as long as she could remember (since a small child).  It is worth mentioning that after one treatment for her fear of flying, not only could she now travel without fear or anxiety, but unexpectedly her nightly dreams also disappeared.

Many months later though, her partner of 9 years who suffered severe depression and anxiety took his own life before she had been able to convince him to seek help.  She had spent those 9 years being supportive, understanding and compassionate, so it came as an awful shock.  She started to experience a sense of guilt (could she have done more, or been at home that evening), and an enormous amount of ‘what if’ scenarios kept presenting themselves to her. Depression (his) is a terrible mental illness and suicide can sometimes be a culmination of that illness.  A lot of us have been close to that edge, or dealt with family members in a crisis, and some have lost friends and loved ones. We all need to look out for each other and certainly not to turn away from mental illness.  We all need support and recognition – just to know that someone cares can be enough.

Unfortunately, this really swept this lovely young woman, who was finally starting to experience life more fully (without her anxiety, panic attacks and bad dreams), into a spin.  Several months following the suicide, she felt she was ready to start the healing process to enable her to move on.  She will always remember him, as they had had many happy times together and she had lots of lovely memories. She will never lose this, but what she really needed now was to move past the pain and overwhelming grief and to think about her life and start to embrace a future.

A week after treatment she messaged me to tell me the following: “Again I’ve been a different person since seeing you, everything’s clear again... I actually feel like a human not a broken zombie! I (am able to) accepted it for what it is... and (now) I need to move forwards!”

She keeps in touch and is now seeing and doing things with people she cares about, realizing that she has been stuck at home for too long, she is cherishing every moment.  This is a wonderful outcome for someone who was so completely shattered.

So Grief and Loss do not have to eat you up from the inside and there is no shame or guilt in getting your life back on track.  You will always remember the one you have lost, but the GOOD things about them and the experiences you’ve had with them, the diamond days will always remain!

So if you have lost a loved one and would like to move past the difficult emotions that are creating devastation or chaos in your life and holding you back from living, contact us at Brilliant Living Solutions.  Remember you will NOT lose those precious memories and feelings, you hold them close in your heart and they will always remain!