Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Clumsiness and Confusion

It is NOT what you think!!  

People often go through life annoyed by their clumsiness and thinking “it’s just the way I’ve always been”.  They’ve been told as children perhaps that they are ‘always so clumsy’ or that they are always getting hurt, ‘because they are so clumsy’. Funny word actually, the more you look at the spelling – kind of cute, but even the spelling is awkward.

Along with being awkward there is also a certain amount of confusion.  People who live with this, often feel confused as they don’t understand why they are the way they are and why most people are simply NOT that way.  It can be upsetting and can create other feelings; of unworthiness and inadequacy – simply because they muck things up, bump into things, spill things, or knock things over.  It has a lot to do with spatial awareness granted, but it just MIGHT be something else entirely.

Let me go back to the beginning - stay with me here!  When the sperm fertilizes the egg and the egg starts its division process, at a certain point early in the piece (a matter of days actually), this division creates a kind of tube with an opening at the top and one at the bottom, it then continues the more detailed creation that becomes the fetus/baby.  Guess what those openings at the top and the bottom become?  Well the word ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ gives you a clue and yes they do become the beginning and end of the ‘poop shoot’ (being polite here).  The proper term is the Cloaca's and is really a ‘transportation system’ involving and affecting  the meridian system (energy) as well as the processing of our nutrients (food/drink).  It is a  centering system and if it is out of balance, it can and does affect our gait (walking) and our sense of balance.  It is also a reference point for the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), which stabilizes our body.

Enough about the background! If these are out of balance, then it will greatly affect your sense of ‘place’ in the world.  You won’t necessarily be aware that you are out of balance just that you are ‘clumsy’ – there’s that beaut word again.

It will also affect your energy levels, definitely your bladder and bowels, and in fact much of your organs in your pelvic region and in fact much of how your body is operating... or not operating as the case may be. 

How is this put back into balance?  Quite easily actually!  During every session of Neuro-Training with Kinesiology, this is one of the things we test first and then correct (painlessly I might add, it’s surprisingly easy to do).  After all, if your Cloaca's are out of balance and it’s affecting your ANS, then all manner of things will also be out of wack! So we balance this first and everything, but EVERYTHING gets the benefit and the session is SO much more profound and beneficial.

If, by the way, you feel slightly worse for a few days after this has been done – this is GREAT, as your body now is using the extra available energy to heal some major problems, which until then the body has not been able to do.  All that energy has been expended on trying to keep you going, never mind trying to avoid walking into furniture.

If this has a ring of familiarity to it for you, contact us at Brilliant living Solutions ... for YOUR solution!

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